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      Large Sour Box;

      Unit price  per 

      - Large Sour Box - 


      - 3x 100g Sour straps

      - 1x 100g sour lizards / Fizz gum bullets (depending on stock)

      - 1x dip & lick 

      - 1x trolli bright crawlers 

      - 1x gob licker 

      - 1x warheads 

      - 1x Big Dipper 

      - 2xcandy sours 

      - 3x wicked fizz 

      - 3x Zappos 

      - 1x TNT mega spray 

      - TNT sour chews / Camel balls (depending on stock) 

      *please note: some products may be swapped depending on stock*  

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